The installations of ventilation and conditioning have the function of maintaining state of the air from the rooms that is the temperature, humidity, the speed and purity, in certain limits before established during the whole time of the year, regardless of the variations of the weather, of evolving and of consuming of interior heat. The limits of the parameters of the interior microclimate depend on the rooms’ destination, on the kind of the carried on activity, of the technological processes.

The materials and the machines used to accomplish this type of installations are:

Setting the equipments 
- station for treating the air ;
- aggregate for producing cool water ;
- ventilation con vectors;
- ventilators.


Setting the pipe for ventilation


Setting interior installations
- from zinc-coated-plate with rectangular or circular section ;
- from black plate with rectangular or circular section ;
- from stain steel plate with rectangular or circular section 
- from aluminum with rectangular or circular section ;


Setting accessories for ventilation installations 
- gratings of introduction and aspiration from Al or steel Zn ;
- anemostates with square section from Al ;
- anemostates with circular section from steel Zn or painted black plate

     For this type of installations, the company uses ventilation con vectors type VCE, CV/CVB/CH/NC, ventilators type JET, WINDOW, TRADE, pipes of stain or plates that are isolated thermically.