S.C. SINCO S.R.L. Ploiesti functions since 1991(the year of establishment) like a company with private integrated capital.
      The matriculation certificate of the economic agent from the Register Commerce Office has the number J29/690/14.06.1991.
      The works made by our company are guaranteed conform of the quality standard ISO 9001/2001 and of environment standard ISO 14001/2004.
      The object of the activity is the execution of works of installations and thermic stations, lightening systems, sanitations, pumps stations, jars under pressure, assembly of pipes for oil products, chemical agents, steam, water and gases, assembly technical equipment, assembly and sub-assembly for installations, metallic equipment. Also we make installations and parts of installations used in tough and corrosive environments from petrochemical industry.
      The company has qualified staff for executing those categories of works, of spaces (service shops, storehouses) and proper endowments for executing the works at the proper rates and standards and it has a high capacity of production.
      Also the society is authorized by ISCIR for the categories of works mentioned above by S.C. ELECTRICA S.A. for works concerning branching works and electrics interiors by ANRGN for gases’ works.

We consider as being representative the following works:
- - The headquarters Petrotel Ploiesti (thermal point, heating installations, lightening systems, sanitations and gases);
- - BAT Ploiesti (pluvial installations, hydrants ‘ network interior and exterior);
- - Spirits factory SANKT PETERSBURG Chitila – Bucharest (network of cold water, station of dedurization, tank of water of 300 mc, set up at height);
- - The factory of meat products DI APOLLO Ploiesti (assembly technical equipment- C.T. of steam of medium pressure, sanitations, lightening systems, ventilations);
- - Arts high school Ploiesti (thermic station);
- - Theoretical high school Al. I. Cuza Ploiesti (thermic station);
- - Agricultural high school Barcanesti (thermic station);
- - Theoretical high school Azuga (thermic installations, gases);
- - The school Azuga (thermic installations, CT);
- - Kindergarten Azuga (thermic installations, CT);
- - Blocks of flats 149B, 149C, 149D with 132 apartments;
- - The blocks of flats of the municipal council Ploiesti – The block of flats 33U2 str. Ion Maiorescu;
- - Blocks of flats ANL Bucharest - M5, M5A, 33U1, 12B;
- - Villas and particular houses in Bucharest, Ploiesti and Prahova Valley;
- - The reconstruction of the installations from the Petroleum Museum Ploiesti (thermic installations, heating systems, lightening systems and sanitations);
- - Consolidation of the Administrative Palace Ploiesti (hydrophore station station for pumps of fire, sanitations, heating and lightening systems);
- - History and Archaeology Museum Prahova (lightening systems and air- conditioning)
- - METRO CASH & CARRY Ploiesti (sanitations, ventilation – air-conditioning, network hydrant exterior, pluvial);
- - Bricostore Brasov (thermic installations, pluvial, sanitations);
- - Selgros Ploiesti (thermic installations, CT, pluvial, sanitations, hydrants);
- - Central Romanian Bank, Baicoi (thermic station, hydrophore station , sanitations, lightening, heating and gas systems);
- - Central Romanian Bank, Mizil (thermic station, hydrophore station , sanitations, lightening, heating and gas systems);
- - Central Romanian Bank, Slanic (thermic station, hydrophore station , sanitations, lightening, heating and gas systems);
- - Romanesti Hotel (thermic station);
- - Central Hotel Ploiesti (thermic stations and setting C.T., sanitations and lightening systems);
- - OMV Ploiesti Vest (pluvial and lightening installations , earth plate, canalization);
- - The Liquid Fuel Station SHELL Ploiesti – Blejoi (pluvial and lightening installations , earth plate, canalization, sanitations);
- - The passage from the University (DI APOLLO) Bucharest (hydrophore station, lightening systems, sanitations, ventilation, assembly of technical equipment);
- - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prahova (lightening systems);
- - Sports Center AZUGA (thermic station);
- - The Emergency District Hospital Prahova (hydrophore station, sanitations, lightening, heating and gas systems);
- - Mobel Auto (Showroom Skoda Ploiesti) (thermic installations, CT, ventilation, air-conditioning);
- - The fire fighters Division “Serban Cantacuzino” Prahova (thermic station) S.C. SINCO S.R.L. have received recommendations from its following beneficiaries: METRO CASH & CARRY PLOIESTI; THR PLOIESTI; THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL PLOIESTI; THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY PRAHOVA; THE TERRITORIAL WORKING DEPARTMENT BUCHAREST.
The works have been executed conform to the graphics, with engagement in the physics’ standards, observing the specific location, but also the terms of the contracts.
     For a better knowledge of the activity carried on by S.C. SINCO S.R.L. Ploiesti, we invite you to access the site: www.sinco.ro, the e-mail address being: office@sinco.ro.